Ask Women in Product: What does Growth mean for PMs and how do you go about building a team as a Growth PM?

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Answer from Sara Nofeliyan

Key Characteristics of Growth Teams

A focus on loops

A focus on processes

A focus on measurable outcomes

Practical Steps for Forming a Growth Team

Clarify the need

Understand your current team landscape

Bring the team under one banner

Set a charter

GROW your growth team

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Answer from Merci Victoria Grace

What it means to be a Growth PM

Growth PMs confirm product/market fit

Growth PMs set up and refine the company’s product analytics and experimentation framework and systems

Growth PMs focus on the stages of the customer funnel

How to build a Growth Team

Growth PMs are like PMs in core product teams

Growth teams have the same partners as other PMs on core product teams

Growth responsibilities are assigned by funnel stage or by customer

  • If you’re building a marketplace, it’s likely that dividing responsibilities by customer will be most effective. You’ll want to work in concert with the other Growth PMs and be headed toward the same broad business goal, but you don’t want to different growth teams to be making changes to the same screens and flows without clear coordination.
  • For a SaaS or consumer business, dividing responsibilities by stage of funnel can be really effective. The customers will likely be very similar, but the tactics and areas of the product will vary. The failure state to watch for with this setup is if PMs are judged wholly by the performance of their part of the funnel and not by the broader business goals. A PM may do a great job of converting website visitors, but if they do so at the expense of customer/market fit and acquire mostly low-intent users, they’ll hurt both the broader business goals and the individual goals of the PMs further down the funnel.

Hire PMs with a Growth Mindset

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